The Truth Is a Two-Edged Sword

Have you ever heard the phrase: “The truth is a two-edged sword”? ⚔️

This is a common saying that may be familiar within Christian circles. While I am no longer involved in the church, this analogy between speaking truth and how it cuts in multiple ways is one that everyone can probably relate to.

Consider how differently people can react to what you view as indisputable facts. From anger to agreement, it’s amazing how truthfulness can cut to reveal the depth of someone’s character.

Because when confronted, it’s difficult not to react in defensiveness and anger if you believe differently. But if you can listen past the words, to the root of the accusation, you can often see the true motivation behind it. Love. Jealousy. Fear. Hate.

There are fights no sword can win. But you can walk away and still be victorious. How?
By having understanding.

I’ll never forget when a former friend passive-aggressively called me a bad Christian for not doing missionary work while traveling. 🙃 This accusation took me off guard, especially since we hadn’t really been keeping in touch beforehand. But after fuming over it for a while, I began to see what drove the random outburst.

Here I was, out of college and taking advantage of flight benefits every other weekend, skipping around new cities, states, and countries like they were day trips. Meanwhile, she was still stuck in the grueling routine of school. It was no wonder bitterness sprung up! I would’ve felt the same way in her shoes. Understanding her viewpoint helped me form a more thoughtful response.

We may not be friends today (PS: missions are just modern day colonizing, look it up 😘), but it taught me a lesson in understanding. It was a moment that showed me how to find peace even if I’m under attack.

So to end this caption on my more typical, goofy note...don’t bring a sword to a gunfight, kids! 😜

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