Crack Goes Your Ceiling


I hope you were wearing your shoes, because there’s glass everywhere 💥

For those confused, here’s a quick definition:

glass ceil·ing
/ˈɡlas ˈsēliNG/

noun: glass ceiling; plural noun: glass ceilings
1. an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities.

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, Kamala Harris becoming the Vice President elect is a historic moment for America. She is the first woman elected Vice President. The first African American woman. The first Asian American woman. Her husband will be the first “second gentleman”. For many around the world, this is inspiring! The glass ceiling was just shattered with this decision.

This will be going down in our history books for future generations to read about. The 19th Amendment (granting women the right to vote) was a culmination of 70 years worth of suffragettes’ efforts, and 100 years later we have a woman as Vice President elect! From women being called radical for demanding political equity to a woman being elected to the second highest position in our country, we have unequivocally added a new chapter to American history.

And still, there is resistance to progress.

For those disputing this election, just know I am all for recounting and verifying the results. Anything to help validate this in your minds. But unfortunately, I know that will never erase the doubt that was planted in your hearts. The doubt that was nurtured and watered by those who would use what you view as your righteous anger for their own selfish cause.

If there is one good thing I could say for the last administration, it is this: they know how to activate people. We responded (whether in a positive or negative way, it was a strong response). It became impossible to ignore politics, even for those who have stayed silent publicly for so long.

But where do we go from here?

We keep going. We keep shattering glass ceilings.

So keep your shoes on.

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