May the Force Be With You

May 4th kicked off a Star Wars inspired shoot that’s resulted in me binging the entire series! We’re working our way through each, and I have a newfound appreciation for the characters and story telling that went into them. As a kid, I don’t think I could quite grasp the depth of different dilemmas and choices each character went through. Now, as an adult, I can empathize and understand more readily.

But can I just say....what the hell was Jar Jar Binks even necessary for? If that’s what the early 2000s deemed comedy relief, I’m throwing hands. Is anyone a fan of that character??

Personally I’m more drawn to mythical and fantasy over sci-fi, so Harry Potter and LOTR is more my speed, but I still love a good storyline, adventure, and strong female characters! Stepping into the role of Rey felt very empowering and I’d happily do it again.

Are you a fan of Star Wars?

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