Slaying the #BlanketChallenge

Wrapped in blanket, cozy, quarantine chic

I’d like to ask the #PillowChallenge to step to the side. A new challenge has emerged and it is far more glamorous. Introducing...the #BlanketChallenge!

Who knew wearing nothing and just belting your blanket around your waist could make you feel so glam? I’m honestly shocked at how good this looks and may or may not reuse this for a future look.
Quarantine chic, am I right? Check out the BTS for this look on my Tik Tok account @the_dragonfruit!

Quarantine has unleashed a stream of creativity within so many people, and it is incredible to see. With the many obstacles it can prevent for typical content creation, myself and so many others have been finding new ways to achieve our visions. Including fun challenges like this.

Anybody else ready to strut their stuff in a blanket??

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