5 Work from Home Tips

Work from home attire? Business on top, and a no pants party on the bottom!

Haha, anyone else able to work from home? It’s been difficult since our apartment is so small, so I basically just use a designated corner of the kitchen table to work at. It’s not ideal, but it’ll do for now.

So since working from home I’ve had to set a few rules in place to help me remain as efficient as possible. If you’re looking for some useful advise, here are


1) Maintain regular hours as best you can. If you typically work a 9-5, set that same schedule for yourself at home.

2) Create a morning routine. For me, it’s making coffee. It’s basically a religious part of my day and I feel so off if I don’t have my daily cup of jo

3) Set ground rules with the people in your space so you’re on the same page when work hours are in effect.

4) Set breaks and take that full break to refresh and regather!

5) Take advantage of the perks! With this time at home you can do things like make a fabulous lunch or have a glass of wine (but you didn’t hear that from me hehe).

How are you doing in quarantine? The struggle to not snack all day is REAL for me!

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