I Accidentally Went Viral on Tik Tok

Earlier last month, I flippantly decided to upload a short video to Tik Tok, in which I'd recorded my boyfriend explaining how he writes his chaotic Instagram captions. I thought it was super interesting since it ties in the location of the photos he shoots in a clever (and yes, chaotic) way.

We were just hanging out in bed, with bad lighting, no high quality filming equipment or anything. I asked him to explain the process and he showed me. That was it.

The next day I woke up to see the short little video had garnered over 58K views with hundreds of comments and new followers flooding my account.


By lunch time it had hit over 100K and was showing no signs of stopping. Everyone agreed that Drake sounds like Jim Halpert (from The Office). Others were noticing the Boise location tag at the start (Idaho gang gotta represent). A few comments even started saying it was an ad (apparently I have the perfect voice for that). I can't blame them, apparently the app got downloaded a lot after this! Hey What3Words, want to sponsor Drake?

All in all, it was a crazy experience, and now my boyfriend's work has gotten the attention it deserves! That video? It has 2.1 million views last time I checked.

As someone who's been working in social media and posting consistently on it for almost 8 years, I have never gone viral. Yet something that was uploaded so nonchalantly and with no effort at all has been seen by over a million people in 2 days. Ironic, isn't it?

If you're curious and have the app, feel free to follow me on Tik Tok. And don't forget to check out Drake's Instagram profile afterwards and give him a follow @drakebalius! See for yourself how he writes his eclectic captions and how they work!

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