The perks of being a "fat-fit" girl

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this out of my own personal experience with being an awkwardly fat-fit girl. I'm happy to see more body types being celebrated and shown in recent publications! However, I have yet to see one that fits mine in quite the same way. I wrote this quite frankly, and if I misspoke out of ignorance, I would love to learn more. Please leave any constructive comments below!

You know that feeling when you look at pictures later and start to scrutinize? Trust me, the rolls in the above photo leaped out to me real fast. I cringed, scrolled through to find a more flattering photo, then paused. This was my body. A very honest look at what my body looks like sitting down in a skin-tight tank top.

Let's be frank, shall we? I'm a "sturdy" girl (my favorite adjective growing up) who's neither overtly obese nor especially skinny. Oh, and the curves you'd think would be a perk to being bigger? Nope, nonexistent. I have strong, broad shoulders, a flat chest, a wide waist, and legs that are naturally endowed with more muscles than most guys will ever achieve in a lifetime. #bejelly

As a woman who faces the same, discouraging body standards we all do, I decided to make a little list of things I'm grateful for thanks to my unique body type.

Because I'm all about that body positivity! And while it's easy to hand out, it's harder to give to yourself, and it's time to change that.

1. I don't worry as much when I go out or travel. 
Not to say I'm completely stupid or unaware (the complete opposite in fact!), but based on my observations, the tiny, petite girls are often prime targets for predators. Which is awful and scary and it's messed up we live in a world where women have to think like this! But growing up as a woman in this messed up culture, I'd have to say being heavier set does have its benefits when it comes to this. Most can sense that I'm not someone who's easy to push around, and if they try, I can push back with just as much force. 

2. I feel more confident about trying new, athletic things.
I used to work on the ramp for the airport, and it's an extremely physical job. However, I walked out there knowing I could keep up with the guys (if not surpass some of them as well). Loading and offloading bags, carrying cargo, and even hooking up ground power to the plane are all activities that require muscle - and even if it makes me bulky, I'm grateful I have that.

3. I've become terribly realistic about guys and how they think. 
AKA: they're extremely physical creatures, and unfortunately, your personality is not what they notice first. Duh. Being the not-fat-not-skinny girl means I'm used to being looked over and disregarded. However! That also means when a guy takes the time to get to know me, I know that he's worth mine as well.

4. I'm less self-conscious due to this. 
Thanks to the gift of invisibility, I've slowly learned that it doesn't matter so much if I say something odd, act a bit quirky, and just be myself in general. I'm much more comfortable just letting people know what you see is exactly what you get.

Outfit c/o: Fabletics
Where are you in your body confidence journey? What have you learned to like about yourself?
Let's chat about it!

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