Travel | Two Days in Tulum, Mexico

The beauty of nonrev traveling - you can hop on a plane and end up in another country for just a day or two. My most recent international travel involved a two day trip to Tulum, Mexico. My co-worker and I both needed to escape Boise's bitterly cold winter, and what better way than to head south?

So in two days, we swam in cenotes, drank out of fresh coconuts, discovered ruins, ate a lot of tacos, and soaked in the sun and waves. It was a beautiful little getaway and I highly recommend Tulum as a destination for your next vacation! If small beach  towns are your thing, add this to your list! I highly enjoyed the fact that it was small enough we could bike to almost any spot we needed to get to.

As for me, I have a trip planned for the end of this month that has me purchasing swimsuits and consistently hitting the gym. Any guesses as to where I'll go next?

What are your travel destinations for 2018?

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