Listen to Linda | Learning to Let Go

It's been a while since I typed out what was on my heart on this little blip on the internet, but if you're an OG reader, you'd know that used to be my specialty.

I've grown up a lot and have learned how to be discreet, but I believed there is a seed of authenticity that is lacking in most of our social media saturated world.

Something I've been learning a lot lately is how to let go. This past year a blowout between a dear friend and I has left my heart shredded. I've been a shadow of my former self because I was holding on to the resentment and bitterness that was left behind from it. What broke me even further was when I realized my "sister from another mister" has not even noticed or cared the ways I have pulled back and shielded my heart from her. Months have gone by, and a facade of normalcy became...well, normal. Yet inside, I ached. My heart was screaming for the words of forgiveness that it needed.

But guess what? Sometimes, people won't give you what you need.
Even ones you consider practically family.

So this year, with the fresh feeling of a new beginning, I'm hitting the redo button. I'm learning self-forgiveness and accepting that others may never change...and that's okay. Because guess what?

You cannot force others to act or behave the way you wish they would. You can only control yourself and your actions. So this year, I am learning to let go.

Because if you cling too hard to the past, you will never be able to move forward.

What are your 2018 goals or resolutions?

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