2018 Debate | Instagram or Blogging?

To be honest, 2017 was not my year for blogging. I wholeheartedly tackled Instagram and actually crafted a feed that stuck to a certain branding I had in mind. It paid off, and I was able to make better content, partnerships, and connections through it!

However, if you haven't heard the complaints about the Instagram algorithm changes, have you even been on the internet? It's a real bitch, let me tell you. Because of it, many influencers have been turned off by the platform and have returned to blogging (myself included). I'm not giving up on Instagram, but I'm going to be devoting more time to where I originally started, that's for sure! 

The reason I went with Instagram for the year was because of my schedule. This past summer was intense and sucked up all of my time, leaving me with barely any to create quality blog content. Instead, it became easier to quickly snap a photo, type up some hashtags, and share it on Instagram. The platform is strictly for visuals and makes it insanely easy to garner comments and instantly connect with other accounts. Whereas blogging tends to suck up more time, especially since I like to do some heavier editing with text and design.

However I miss the long write ups I can do through blogging (exhibit A being this post comparing the two platforms). I feel like I can dive more freely into lengthier discussions this way!

Tell me, which do you prefer? Instagram or blogs?
Share your accounts with me in the comments below!

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