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Rejection. Isolation. Exclusion. It is these emotional battles I face as I simultaneously undertake living out of my car four days a week this summer. I'm working up in the mountains for the season, and due to a fragmented friendship, the previous living situation I'd worked out for it also fell apart.

So what's a girl to do? Hike up her big girl pants and find a new solution. I'm grateful my dad helped me build the platform for my car, because it really makes this whole thing work. That's right - for the three or four days I'm up there, I camp out in my car. Complete with hipster lights and curtains. Because if I'm going to live in a space, you can bet I'm gonna make it as damn cute as possible.

Thankfully, my husky Yuki keeps me good company, as well as attracting more dog-friendly company. If you haven't been following me on Instagram or Snapchat (ahem, you can fix that now@the_dragonfruit), I adopted a sweet little husky a few months ago and named her Yuki (it means "snow" in Japanese). She's basically been my best friend and cuddle buddy since.

I've spent a lot of down time working on my photography and writing while wrestling with emotional battles I've never faced before (sooo much growth happening in my life, that's for sure). Let me say, having a creative outlet has never been such a relief. Thank goodness for the gift of art!

What are you favorite outlets during stressful or emotional times?

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