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"Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh, I wanna take ya!"

Aruba was a whirlwind, two-day trip that will definitely be one rich with spontaneous memories. Nothing planned, a forgotten wallet, multiple delayed flights, and sleeping overnight at the airport led to our last minute decision, and I believe it was meant to be.

We met flamingos, marveled at crystal clear waves, crashed an exclusive resort, rented an ATV, and went bouncing through the unexpected desert scenery. Cacti are as abundant as palm trees. With encouragement, I pursued a conversation with a local that turned into a night of dancing till 3 AM with new friends. We learned how to salsa, bachata, and meringue. We fought back sleep to stay up and talk about dreams, ambition, politics, and many other things with people who were all but strangers - and yet, by the end, were more than that.

Aruba, you are certainly "one happy island" and I'm grateful I got to experience your unexpected beauty.

PS: Watch my vlog to get a closer look at our trip to Aruba!

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