Travel Visuals: 2 Days in New York City

It was several months ago, but the Big Apple is still a city I like to reminisce on. And since I realized I had barely shared anything about that trip on here, I figured it was a good opportunity to keep reminiscing until I go back again.

To sum it up, we took a last minute trip to New York City and had about a day and half to explore. If you're really curious about what went down each day, watch the vlogs on it HERE and HERE.

Overall, we walked a lot, marveled at the stunning architecture, spun in circles in the middle of Times Square, stumbled across so many random, famous sites (Oh hello Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center), strolled through Central Park, squeezed in a tiny section of the Met before they closed, and went to the top of the Empire State Building. Overall, I think we did an amazing job for such a short time. But goodness, NYC is a city that demands to be visited again and again in order to see everything! There's still so much left that I want to see, try, and do!

Have you ever been? What are your recommendations?

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