The Big Apple

New York City is huge. The buildings dwarf you as you scurry down bustling streets. The air hits you with a thousand different scents every few feet. Smoke, sizzling hot dogs, gyros, piss, pollution, body's a lot to take in.

My favorite part of my two day adventure in New York would have to be the morning I woke up and took a stroll on my own. My fellow traveler was out cold, and I couldn't bring myself to shake her out of her slumber. So, wincing at every creaking floorboard I hit, I let myself out onto the streets of New York.

I've been to big cities before, but the Big Apple is an entirely different kind of monster. I spent several hours just walking up and down blocks, marveling at the sky scraping buildings and the constant hustle and bustle of everyone around me. When I stumbled across Madison Square Park, I could hardly believe it! Everywhere I turned I could spot iconic landmarks. It was thrilling to witness in person!

Eventually, I located the coffee shop I'd Googled (Cafe Grumpy) and purchased two coffees. All the while, I tried to indiscreetly take photos and video clips. Afterwards, I walked a couple blocks down and was intrigued by the signs plastered on what looked like a cute, hipster looking coffee joint. "Everything $2 for a limited time!" it announced.

Well...I wasn't about to waste any money. I stopped in and grabbed us scones and a giant red cookie. However, before I made my way back to our hotel, I had to take a seat at one of the many tables places outside the Flatiron Building. Gazing up at the unique, towering structure, I sipped on my coffee, finished my share of the treats I bought, and quietly people watched.

Something about having this small slice of time to myself to soak in New York was probably my favorite part of the trip. Times Square, Central Park, and the Met were all wonderful as well, but I'll never forget the little bubble of contented peace I experienced alone.

Watch Day 1 of the New York Vlog below:

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