Review: XShot Adventure Grip & Mini Tripod

Snapping my iPhone into the tripod
photo taken by my iPhone while mounted on XShot Adventure Mini Tripod
tripod in action!
I tend to do things solo most of the time, and as an avid vlogger and blogger, that can get tiresome. Especially when  traveling! Introducing the XShot Adventure Grip & Mini Tripod
Let's break down this tiny little tripod, shall we?

 So first off, I'd say this is a go-to option if you're traveler like me. Especially if you do any solo traveling! Just lock your device into place (for me, this works best with my iPhone, but the strap adjusts to work with any other small device) and set the timer to get some awesome photos that'll include yourself in the frame! 

It's incredibly compact and easy to put together and take apart, making it the perfect choice for carry-on or roadtrip bags. 

Another handy use for this is for anyone who enjoys watching YouTube or Netflix on their phone. You know those late nights where you're laying in bed and holding your phone above your face to watch just one more episode of New Girl? All before your clumsy hands loosen and your phone comes crashing on your face...

Well, that's no longer is a problem thanks to this tripod! I can adjust my phone to the perfect angle and watch my show in comfort. 

Also, if you're a huge video chat person, this would be super convenient for you! Now you can just set up your tablet/phone to the perfect angle, and chat hands free. This is something I deeply appreciate since I tend to talk with my  hands as well. 

Overall, I'm happy with this product and the value it's given me in return. I'm excited to add it to my travel gear! 

What do you like to use for taking photos on the go?

*I received this Adventure Grip & Mini Tripod for free from XShot in consideration for a gear review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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