OOTD: Journey to Middle Earth

How many of you are Lord of the Rings fans? If so, you probably recognize the print on this hoodie - that's right, it's the map to Middle Earth! It's from RoseGal, and you can get yours HERE. Trust me, the comments on this thing never stop, and it brings me so much happiness to find other LOTR fans.

It's finally dipping into winter-like weather here in Idaho, which makes me want nothing more than to hop on a plane and head somewhere hot. I've lived here for ten years now and I swear my Californian blood has never adjusted. Whenever it dips below forty degrees I can feel my mood drop with the weather. I always get my laziest when it's cold out!

Do you have any  tips for staying motivated in the winter? I'd love to hear them! Share in the comments below!

PS: To all of my American readers - Happy Thanksgiving! I pray you are content and fulfilled this season. And if you're participating in Black Friday...good luck. And stay safe!

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