"What's your type?"

“Hey Linda, what’s your type?” my roommate hollered out of her room at me.
The question took me off guard. I paused, no answer readily available.

Wait, what was my type? I racked my brain, trying to pin down what kind of guy I usually went for.

Let’s see there was the stereotypical jock I dated in high school. Tall, immature, but with captivating green-blue eyes. A generous helping of obsessiveness and jealousy came along with that dish unfortunately.
First boyfriends shouldn’t count, I shook my head, moving on. I was still figuring things out then.

Then there was the sweet musician I felt for sure I was in love with when I started college. Wavering at just an inch or two taller than I, he was about a whole foot shorter than the jock I'd dated beforehand. It hardly mattered though when a boy took you star gazing on rooftops.
But that was such a switch! They were nothing alike….

I recalled the shy artist I met during my first art class in college, and his sweet brown eyes. His quiet demeanor had suckered me in before boring me into ending things a few short months later.

Oh jeez Linda, do you even have a type?

Let’s see, then there was the adventurer. A friendship that confused us into trying something more before quickly realizing how unrealistic that was. His scrappy personality had me hiking up trails and trying new things all while laughing at his squirelly ways. I smile just recalling that blonde head bobbing up and down, waiting for me to catch up.

Ughhh, there’s practically no similar trait that ties any of these guys together!

I blush just thinking about Josh. That Caribbean fling had me dreaming about dark, tan muscles and light green eyes flecked with gold that ever so slightly veered towards feral. Almost hungry, if you will.

“You doesn't even matter,” I told her. “Don’t set me up with anybody.”

I don’t believe I have a type. Tall or short. Light or dark. Blue eyes or brown eyes. Heavy set or skinny. I think my track record proves that I don’t care. I enjoy getting to know people of all kinds – and if something happens, it happens. There are so many interesting facets to others that you get the opportunity to know, and it'd be a shame to overlook someone sheerly because they don't fit a certain "type" you picture in your mind.

But I mean, I'm not gonna say no if Don Benjamin asked me out, so there's that... ;)

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