The Time I Was Hit On in Belize

When I scrambled out of the puddle jumper that landed on Caye Caulker, I had no idea what to expect from this trip. Things had gone wrong from the get-go, with travel companions dropping out on me, a tropical storm turning into a hurricane, and a missed flight (read more HERE).

Flash forward six days later, and I was bemoaning ever having to leave this magical island. The palm trees, the constant reminder to "Go slow!", the simple way of life. Oh, it had been magical! And of course, the crystal clear waters that were so warm and welcoming...much like the people of Belize.
In one week, I fell in love with this little island.
Also, in one week, I somehow captured the interest of three different guys.

As most of you know, I've been severely single for several years now and I've reached a place of contentment in this (unbelievable, I know. My friends in relationships wonder what's wrong with me too). It's been a while since anything even slightly flirtatious has occurred to me, with  only the occasional catcall (yuck) and appreciative glance reminding me that I have a sexual presence. I swear I'd completely forget otherwise.

Anyway. I met three different men, each expressing interest in me in a way that I had forgotten. Each meeting was spontaneous and unplanned. When I wasn't expecting it, he appeared. Because that's how it always goes, doesn't it?

1. The Islander
First, there was Josh. I had no plans for the day, and was lazily walking towards The Split, a popular sunbathing and swimming spot on Caye Caulker. It was the day after the hurricane, and many people were still repairing their shops.

I should volunteer my  help at one of these places, I thought.
Then low and behold, this barefoot, tan-skinned local came bouncing up and introduced himself. He was ridiculously good looking, and I later found out he was half Belizean, half Irish, so the bleached ends of his fro was completely natural, along with his entrancing green eyes. I ended up hitching a ride in his golf cart, volunteered my help at a surf shop with him, and later went out to a few local bars with him too. We played pool, we danced, and I realized just how appealing a Creole accent can be. It was a real treat, and I'll never forget my time with the island's resident player.

2. The Sailor
Then there was Chris, the soft-spoken crew member who worked at the snorkeling tour I went on. His polite mannerism and quiet presence attracted me (and okay, his muscular arms didn't hurt either).
At the end of the day, as all the passengers and crew members danced to reggae music and enjoyed bottomless rum punch (well, the passengers did, the crew still had to  remain professional), he sidled up next to me. "Is it okay if I dance with you?" I smiled and nodded, moving to give him space on the makeshift dance floor.

His scruffy jawline and dimples combined with rum punch and Caribbean sun filled my mind, and I still wish I had the chance to talk with him more. At the end of the trip, every passenger got a hug from the crew. Yet when it was my turn, Chris swooped me up in a great big hug and sneakily planted a kiss on my cheek.

I blushed and tried to recover with a teasing tone, "Guess I'm special, huh?"
"Yes, you are." he grinned.

I still smile when I think about the next day, when I ran into him again. He was on his way to work when we passed each other on the street. He paused mid-stride.

We stood there, making small talk. He hugged me about three times each time it seemed like we were about to part ways (only for the conversation to carry on longer). Finally, when we both knew we had to go, he swept me up in one final, big hug and swung me around! My feet flew up in the air, and I couldn't stop the laugh of joy and surprise that escaped me. What a feeling!

He set me down, gave me another little cheek kiss, and laughed with me.
"You like that, huh?"
Yes. Yes I did.

3. The Tourist
To be honest, I was prepared to dash away when I heard a male's voice call out: "Hey! Hey, I've seen you around here before..."

I was on my way to the Sports Bar, hoping to enjoy one of my last few nights on Caye Caulker. It was night time and I'd taken the less crowded path along the beach. It had been peaceful, with waves lapping the shore and a bright moon reflected in those crystal clear waters.

I turned around to face the guy approaching me. He had a pair of simple swimming trunks on and a casual button down that was left open to reveal a well toned six-pack.

"Are you a local?" he questioned.
I laughed out loud at that. Me? A local? "No, what makes you think that?"
"I don't know, I saw you several times earlier today walking around." he smiled, relieved to have sparked a conversation. "Where you headed?"

That night I got to know Donovan, a half Belizean young man visiting from California, and even met some of his family (it was a family vacation). Later, we managed to steal away to a dock that had a couple hammocks on them.

"Look, a shooting star!" I pointed excitedly at the night sky. It was the perfect view, a slice of the foreign night sky that twinkled in a way I wasn't used to in the city. We passed the night talking about our lives, sharing bits of our past, and competing over who could spot the most shooting stars. They were out by the dozens that night, and we ended up at a draw.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked, leaning in slowly.
Our lips met, and as we parted, I smiled softly.
"I guess you can."

The Conclusion:
I've known a fair share of girls who go around scattering pieces of their heart to different people. However, I feel as if mine longs for different things. Despite all of these interactions (which I recall with utter fondness), my heart was never given away, not even a sliver. Instead, a chunk of it belongs to the island itself. Caye Caulker swept me off my feet, using a dangerous combination of palm trees, hammocks, and the most beautiful beaches I've been to yet. And okay, maybe a few handsome guys didn't hurt either. Just adds to the island's overall appeal!

I know these story themed posts are quite different and very word-heavy, so I'm not expecting a huge response to them. However, I miss the diary-like posts I used to do in my younger days. When I sat down and read entries from 2012, I have to smile and laugh about details and moments I'd almost forgotten about! So I apologize if you find these tiresome, but I'm going to be including more stories again. After all, this is called the Dragonfruit Diaries, is it not? I'm not afraid to be honest about my life and my thoughts anymore. 

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