OOTD: Tall Boots Hide Hairy Legs

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Dark lipstick, a cheeky sweater, and knee high boots to mask the fact that I've stopped shaving several weeks ago. Yup, it's officially fall everyone!

For real though, how many of you ladies keep up with the shaving/waxing routine once colder weather sets in? I'm honestly curious! I'm lucky that my roommate understands. We're both way ahead of the game as far as No Shave November goes. You can expect some "Hairy Holidays" postcards from us this winter.

I've often thought about the whole body hair maintenance us ladies are expected to keep up on. Where did it start? Who decided that this should be the norm? How far back can we trace this practice? I'm debating making an assignment for myself and do a little paper investigating the history of this specific beauty trend.

If you have any knowledge on the subject please share in the comments!

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