HBL Haircare Review

I've been testing these hair products from HBL for the past few months, and for a girl with severely damaged, bleached ends, they've been a lifesaver!

Before starting this regimen, my ends were crazy brittle and dried out. I'll admit,they're still pretty dry compared to my natural, unbleached hair, but hey, what do you  expect? What I have noticed is a slow effect that's starting to soften my crunchy ends. That's the thing with natural, holistic solutions - it takes time. Which, when you consider the benefits and overall healthiness of it, is totally worth it.

Now one of the most intriguing claims by this company is the use of perfect pH balance. What does this mean though? It means that thanks to their low pH levels, these hair products are able to gently cleanse your hair without opening the cuticle, stripping color, or damaging fragile hair. All while deeply moisturizing your strands and leaving them touchably soft!

The shampoo and conditioner, much like the Purad'or set, have a thicker, more natural consistency. Instead of being super foamy and producing that "squeaky-clean" feeling, these sink into your strands and thoroughly moisturize them. Although unlike the Purad'or line, I like the neutral scent of the HBL line.

After showering, I like to treat my ends to even more moisture by using the Complete Hair Treatment spray and Treatment Oil. Have I mentioned how dry and brittle my ends are? Well thanks to this line, I've been seeing a slow but sure improvement and absolutely love what these holistic products have been doing for me! If you're curious, be sure to check out more of their items HERE

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