5 Youtubers Worth Your Time

Okay, when I say "YouTuber", I mean someone who is making their living off of YouTube. Ergo fully qualifying them to be dubbed this term. So! Without further ado, these are 5 channels that I'm fully addicted to and find it worth my time to drop everything when they upload just to watch.

If you don't know who Claire is, I highly recommend you grab yourself some popcorn and settle in for a binge session. Claire Marshall is #GOALS to me. Seriously. How can one human being be so inspiring, down-to-earth, and unbearably cool? Yes. UNBEARABLY. I almost can't stand it. I'm straight up fangirling, but I adore this YouTuber so much and her editing style is perfection. She avoids cliche editing styles that I see all over YouTube. It's always unique and never over the top. Her attention to detail is marvelous, and you can really sense that in  all of her videos. She vlogs, covers beauty topics (hello, she's a freelance makeup artist so of course), and occasionally does fashion videos! 

Okay, surely you've heard of Casey. He's practically an iconic vlogger, with his channel boasting over 5 million subscribers. And I'm definitely one of them. There's something about his video content that's captivating. He leads an exciting life and is based in New York, and his success allows him to take these adventurous trips around the world. 

This duo is soooo fun to travel with - and I say that like I have, because it feels like it thanks to their vlogs! These two started traveling while in college, and their motto "Shut up and go" has brought them quite the success. Their chemistry as best friends, playful personalities, and thirst for adventure always makes their videos a sheer pleasure to watch! 

4. Helen Anderson

I only recently started watching Helen, but she's already turned into an all time favorite. She's bold, unabashedly herself, and has killer style. Plus, she has a British accent, so who doesn't love that?

5. Megan Batoon

This girl is an absolute riot. I adore Megan's channel because it's chock full of terrible puns, many witty vlogs, and incredible dancing. Megan Batoon is also part Filipino, so, you know...#pinoypride and all that! But seriously, this is one talented, hard working chick who also knows how to stay real and keep the laughs rolling.

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers? I'm always on the lookout for fun channels!
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