10 Life Lessons I Learned at Caye Caulker


I learned some vital life lessons the last half of my Belize trip. Vital, I tell you. So here I am sharing them with you. Without further ado, here are the

10 Life Lessons I Learned at Caye Caulker:

1. It's very important to go slow. To soak in every moment as it's happening instead of stressing about what's coming and is never even promised to arrive anyway. The rat race lifestyle so many Americans grow up in has no place on an island. Let go of those thoughts, focus on the present, and remember: go slow.

2. Hammocks are a necessity and should be placed in every possible seating area. Especially airports and those horrible departure gates.

3. While on the topic of seating options, every bar needs swings. Yes, I said it. SWINGS. Because what better combination could there be than giving a tipsy, grown ass woman the option of swinging while riding that buzz? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

4. Reggae music is one of my favorite genres. Who knew? I certainly didn't know this.

5. Kreole is one of the most underrated sexy accents for someone to have. That, or it was the Caribbean setting in combination with it...

6. Some things really do need to be seen in person to believe.

7. Walking around barefoot is incredibly freeing.

8. I don't need makeup to feel confident. I ended up going the whole week without so much of a hint of my trademark winged liner or any other speck of makeup, and I never gave it a second thought.

9. The best way to get over something is taking the plunge. Literally, whatever you are facing, dive in with an attitude that is committed to accomplishing your goal. Once you're in, everything else tends to come easily.

10. Dancing really is the best form of exercise. Especially when it's done barefoot, in the company of new friends who were strangers just minutes earlier, and to reggae music. Because this is your new favorite genre, of course.

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