YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara Review

This product was sent to me c/o Influenster, but they can't buy my honest opinion!

I never thought I'd be trying green mascara, but hey, never say never!
Thanks to Influenster, I had the opportunity to test the YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in  "I'm the Excitement", so let's get right into the pros and cons, shall we?

-I found the formula to be super thick and because of that, it started clumping up my lashes after a couple swipes. No bueno!
-After wearing it for a full and busy day, I took a short nap when I got home from work, and woke to find green smudges under my eyes. #notcute
-It was a pain in the ass to take this mother$*#3r off! Holy cow, I must've drowned five cotton pads in makeup remover and I was still finding traces of green around my eyeballs. Ugh!

-It's super volumizing and lengthening, which  almost excuses the clumpy factor
-It's super pigmented, so you really get a beautiful green lash effect.
-The packaging. I know it's shallow to even count that as a pro, but guys...even if I don't use it that much, this mascara is sitting pretty on my vanity table because it's. so. pretty.

Overall, I think this mascara is a fun option if you're looking for a colorful kick to add to your lashes (this mascara comes in 9 other shades!). However, my biggest complaint is with how insanely difficult and annoying it was to try and remove it! I can deal with the clumpiness since it did such a beautiful job of volumizing and lengthening, but man...if I have to spend a solid ten minutes just trying to take my mascara off, it isn't worth it to me!

Have you tried this particular mascara? What did you think? Am I missing some secret makeup-removing hack? 

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