Dorco Razors Review

Ahhhh, summer time. Suns out, bums out. Right?
Well that also means legs. And for me, that means leg hair. Tis the season to shed the furry coat that's been hiding under my thick tights and pants. Most people like to compliment me on my thick head of hair, but what they often forget is that if a girl's got a lot of hair, that applies to everywhere.

As a girl who just feels more comfortable with smooth legs and pits, summer can be downright annoying at times. EVERY DAY I have to whip out the razor and go over the stubbles. That leads to a constant need for replenishing my shaving supplies, and I've gone through my share of cheap drugstore razors.

So when Dorco offered to supply me with one of their razors, I jumped at the chance.
The Shai 6 blade they sent me has (you guessed it) six blades, making it an impressive shaving machine. Not only that, but the rubber grips paired with the sturdy metal makes for what feels like a luxurious blade. I love that the lubricating strip is infused with quality ingredients such as olive oil and chamomile! Plus, it comes with one extra cartridge to start with!

You can order more as you need them off their site, but with this heavy duty blade, I predict I won't have to for a while.

Did I mention this high quality razor is only $5.75? Use my code: "GODORCO20until August 31 for a 20% discount on any of their products!

Until I decide to just invest in laser hair removal (trust me, it's a dream of mine), Dorco will be a happy supplement for hair removal!

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