My 4th of July Weekend

If you're wondering what my 4th of July weekend looked like, this would be it. 

After work on Sunday, I hopped in the car with Corina, and we jetted off on the 2 hour ride to McCall, Idaho. It's a popular destination for those in the Southern Idaho area, as it's absolutely gorgeous, has a ski resort, and offers a lot of trails and mountainous views for outdoorsy folks.

Day 1 in McCall was pretty tame, as we got there a little late. Instead of the intended plan of hiking, we lounged by Goose Lake and popped a few bottles of ginger beer. Let me tell you, there are few experiences as enjoyable as being barefoot by a lake, a drink in hand, and spending it with good company.

Day 2 was a little more adventurous. As soon as we got up we got ready and dashed out the camper for the woods. We planned on hiking to Goose Creek Falls before the fireworks show that night, and we weren't sure how long it would take us.

It's a 2.8 mile hike in, which means in total you're hiking a little over 5 miles. Not bad at all really. And as you can see, it's totally worth it. We reached the falls, and wow! What a sight! We slipped and slided our way down to the rocky bank and braved a dip in those icy cold waters. And holy $h!t. That water was NUMBINGLY cold. By the time we climbed out, we couldn't feel our legs. Probably not the smartest thing I've done, but hey...totally worth it!

Speaking of smart things, there is one thing I brought that was pretty smart. This Sunjack is an awesome accessory for those of you who enjoy going out into nature but also like to bring a few gadgets and gizmos along. For me, I have this obsessive hobby of photographing and filming my adventures, so as you can imagine, batteries tend to die very quickly.

Enter the Sunjack. It's a solar powered charger! As long as your device has a USB cable, it can power up anything! I tested it out and was quite pleased with the results. I was able to charge my phone up while swimming, and by the time I dried off and was ready for the hike back, so was my phone!

I was Instagram-ready once again ;D

Once we got back, we explored the actual town of McCall a bit, grabbed coffee, took a nap, then returned to the lake to ooh and ahhh over the explosion of fireworks in the sky. It was one of the best 4th of July weekends I've had in  a while.

How did you celebrate 4th of July? Or if you're outside of the States, how was your weekend?

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