What Happens In Vegas...

...gets posted on the blog. 

Hey guys, welcome back to another travel post, this time recapping my recent adventure to Sin City - AKA: Las Vegas.

We took the long drive (10 hours) down to Nevada to see Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki over Memorial Day weekend, and it did not go as planned. 

1. Calvin Harris recently got in a car accident and was still recovering at the time, so we didn't get to see him Friday night. Instead, a replacement DJ from Australia was playing.
2. My phone got stolen that night, and inside my phone case was my debit card and driver's license (AKA: only form of identification I had with me).

Yup, at the end of Day 1 in Vegas, I was without a phone, ID, or debit card. Thank God I had cash on me and was able to notice the theft quickly! However, Day 2 was rough since I knew I wouldn't be let into the venue Steve Aoki was playing at (trust me, we double checked with security and everything).

So on my second day in Vegas, I spent the first half of it wandering around this awesome open-air market with my group before taking off and spending the second half with Corina and Tuyen and basically being their personal party-pooper.

However,  I'm already planning my return trip, for which I will be much more prepared for! In the meantime, here's a visual recap of our 2 days in Vegas. Also, if you'd like a more comprehensive format, check out my vlog from the trip at the end, and subscribe to my YouTube channel (HERE)!

I think this facial description best describes how I felt about Vegas overall...

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