My Top 5 Favorite Spots in Australia

I still consider it a "pinch me" experience, but I had the opportunity to travel to Australia for a week a few months ago (see more HERE and HERE). I was only there for a week, and we pretty much stayed in the Sydney/Bondi area, but we hit up a few spots that stuck out in my memory and I felt like sharing it in a blog post with you. 

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Favorite Spots in Australia!

1. The Rocks Market
We discovered this outdoor market on our second to last day thanks to a new friend we'd made. It's really quite lucky we had the chance to browse through it too! I didn't actually buy anything, but we saw quite a few cool things made locally and the overall vibe of the outdoor market was pleasant. Plus, exploring this part of Sydney led us to stumble across my second favorite spot, which was...
2. The Fortune of War
The Fortune of War! AKA: Sydney's oldest pub.
We came across it by sheer accident by walking around near The Rocks Market and decided to grab lunch there (watch the full day HERE). This pub dates from 1828! As their website puts it:
"Whilst retaining its old world charm and hamper style bar, the hotel has built an enviable reputation, with tourists and locals alike, for providing warm traditional service in a cozy, heritage bar."
3. The Coastal Walk
I'm in love with the ocean. Always have been, always will be. So naturally, getting to do this walk was on my bucketlist and I'm so happy I crossed it off. The coastal walkway from Coogee to Bondi is a stunning one, with breathtaking sights around every corner (watch the full vlog HERE). 
However, side note; make sure you wear your comfortable shoes for this, because I obviously didn't plan on it and wore sandals that cause my feet to start crying by the end of it.

4. Shelly Beach
So on day 5 (watch HERE), we hopped on a ferry and popped over to Manly. From there, we walked down to Shelly Beach, and was worth it. It was so relaxing and another beautiful reminder of God's handiwork. I swear, when He made Australia he decided to do all sorts of showing off. 
5. Cockatoo Island
Lastly, I had to include Cockatoo Island and their art exhibits. This was perhaps one of the top 3 highlights of experiences I had while in Australia. For one, it was an impulsive visit spurred on by the suggestion of a local. That we happened to be visiting during their art exhibits? Well, that was a treat! You can watch the full experience in my vlog of the day (HERE) if you're curious!
Let's just say that getting to wander around an island that had previously been off-limits for a hundred years and had been home to convicts and shipbuilders creates an interesting environment. The fact that it is now home for creatives and opened the world's first urban, waterfront campground makes it 10x cooler too!

I hope you enjoyed my little round up of spots in Australia. I wish I could've stayed longer. I'm sure there were many gems I missed out on, but hey...just means I have to go back, right? 

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