OOTD // The Sweetheart Skirt

It's funny how easily my style is swayed. I've been strictly drawn towards dark colors and edgier, street-style pieces for what feels like a long time. Every time the cold weather hits, I'll bundle up in black skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, and opt for pointed booties or fresh sneakers.

However, once the sun starts peeking his glorious rays out again, I slowly shed the grumpy, all-black layers and start experimenting with more free-spirited pieces. This season, I'm being drawn towards more feminine-vintage clothes.

Which is pretty much the total opposite of what I've been wearing.
I still prefer the cool, street style vibes I've been admiring, but for some reason, I'm purchasing vintage floral skirts, button down dresses with collars, and delicate neck scarves.


But I've learned not to question it and allow my fashion sense to wander. My wardrobe is still curated towards my street style though, so it'll be interesting trying to mesh my new pieces into my current ones.

Nothing like completely thrifted items to complement each other though!

Who knows what the next outfit post is going to look like...

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