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More cool stuff from Tobi: Wrap Dresses, Shoes, Sunglasses
The power of fashion is amazing. As you can tell, I was really feeling myself in this skirt. It's the Lani Double Slit Maxi Skirt from Tobi. With two scandalous slits up the side (so high I had to wear lacy shorts underneath to maintain modesty), I was feeling powerful and regal. Tapped into my inner Khaleesi if you will...

I'm partnering with Tobi for some upcoming posts where I'll be styling a couple of pieces of clothing I picked out from their online shop. First up, this stunning, dramatic, maxi skirt

Like I said, it has two scandalous slits racing up both sides, and honestly, I can only picture myself wearing this by the beach or pool. However, for some fun photography projects, this baby could easily become a favorite go-to. The flowy design is perfect, the fabric doesn't cling awkwardly, and I feel powerful when striding forward in it. What can I say? Maybe I'll just pull the Angelina Jolie pose off after all. With this skirt, it's possible!

It's all thanks to Corina that we found this location - can you believe we're still in Idaho? It looks like we popped over into Arizona to snag these photos! As I strode across the sandy dune I surveyed the terrain, much like a queen over her kingdom. Because that was how I felt at the moment. 

The power of fashion, man. It can flip your mentality into that of a ruler. 
Even when you're just a silly girl stomping through the sand in a badass skirt playing model. 

ALSO! For those of you like me on a tight budget, you'll love this! Tobi offers 50% off your order as a first time customer! So what are you waiting for? Go check em out!
Had to include this photo of the two of us, because look at how serious and model-y we got! 
It didn't last long, trust me...

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