OOTD: Boise Babe

I've always got a laugh waiting to escape...
I've been lowkey obsessing over palm printed items, however, I have yet to find the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe. For now, I've been satisfying my obsession by wearing this headband nonstop and decided to spice up my boring hat for today's outfit with it! I feel like it gave a fun punch to the look, which falls under my typical black-and-white color palette. I'm really digging this blazer vest from CN Direct once again (see my previous looks featuring it HERE and HERE).

Last summer, I went home and regrouped for the upcoming year by living with my parents. This year, I'm staying in Boise, and I couldn't be happier! This city has become home to me, and I absolutely adore living here. It's been making "Top 10" lists and such from out-of-state papers too, which  is surprising! Because as far as I know, the majority of Americans are still confused as to where Idaho is located (hint: it's not in the midwest...).

Anyway, there are so many adorable cafes, shops, and local events going on that I'm excited to explore and be a part of this summer! I'm hoping to finally get around to blogging more of it too. At the very least I'll be maintaining my YouTube channel (subscribe HERE)!

What medium do you prefer? Blog posts or videos? 

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