BEAUTY // New Makeup Favorites [Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, & Maybelline]

 I've been trying some new products in my makeup routine, and I figured I'd share some of the favorites from all my makeup shopping. Keep in mind when I call these "new" I mean new to me, not necessarily new to the market...aha, after all, your girls a cheapskate and shops clearance!
So first up, for the eyes, I've been using this Maybelline eye shadow cream in a soft, metallic pink almost daily. It acts a perfect primer for days when I want to do a more pink-warm toned eye makeup look! More often than not, I'll reach for this eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay and add that coral-pink "Reelove" shade on top. The color payoff from Urban Decay products never disappoints.
Speaking of color payoff, I also purchased this lipstick by Urban Decay because guess what? There was a sale and I couldn't resist 50% off prices. I picked up this rich pink lipstick because apparently I'm just obsessed with pink shades right now. It's the perfect option for swiping on  a pretty punch of color.
Lately I've actually been using blush. I used to avoid this beauty product at all costs because...well, my naturally blushing face never needed assistance in looking flushed. However, I've either developed tougher skin or youth is slowly slipping out of my body, because adding a hit of blush to my cheeks has become a part of my makeup routine. 
My new blush  favorite is this gorgeous liquid blush by Benefit Cosmetics. I adore that it comes in a bottle that has a pump! The packaging is just adorable and the sweet, soft pink shade is my new go-to blush for every day.
And this is my face of makeup featuring all of these products!

What are some of your favorite makeup goodies lately? I'd love to know what's been working for you!

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