REVIEW // Tyra Banks Does Makeup??

How many of you knew that Tyra Banks was doing makeup?
Like, whaaaat!?

It's being sold much like Mary Kay and Avon products, and you have independent consultants known as "Beautytainers" selling the line. I had my first run in with the brand several months ago and was intrigued. After further investigation, I decided to splurge and purchase a special kit that gave me a number of products!
So the first thing that I love about these products is how travel-friendly they are. Tyra wanted to create makeup for a woman on the go and executed that by making almost the entire line in stick  formats! This highlight and contour sticks are phenomenal, and for someone who's still pretty iffy on contouring, they make it such a breeze to do! While each  product applies super pigmented, it's easy enough to take your hand and blend it out. 

And don't get me started on the blush stick. I typically avoid adding blush to my cheeks and they get naturally flushed already, but perhaps its the youthfulness leaving my body, because now I have to add a pinch  of color to my cheeks. For that, this "Cheek In A Stick" is perfect. I just dab a bit on and blend it out with my fingers for a quick and easy application.
I'm impressed with the lip products as well and have been reaching for them quite often! This glitzy red number is the Lip Model in "Hater Blocker." 
I swatch and review the other product, What Lipstick in "Younger Man" in the video review I did (which you can watch below for a more thorough look at each item)!
In the photo above I only used Tyra Beauty products to get this pretty yet natural look. Oh! And I did my eyebrows for the first. time. ever. EVER. You'll have to watch my video to see my reaction to them...hehehe!

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the makeup line Tyra came up with and the spectacular branding that was done. Seriously, each item is packaged beautifully and has such sassy names! From "Smack My Fat Lash" to "Oops! Liner" everything has Tyra's kooky-cool personality written all over it.

Also, not gonna lie, I just love how these items look on my vanity table.
For real though, how many times have you  bought something sheerly because of the adorable packaging? Well, you get that and quality products with these!

Watch my full review below and let me know what you think. Would you try Tyra Beauty?

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