OOTD // Kooky Hair

I am the queen of kooky hair. No, your eyes deceive you not. That nest on top of my head is divided into three sections because that's the only way I can hope to secure it in  place without pieces falling out everywhere. Hence, pigtail braids and a half up pony. Yes. The alternative hairstyle has been pigtail braids combined with a half top knot, as is commonly seen in my vlogs (watch the latest one HERE)

I'm proud to say this entire outfit is thrifted. Except for the sunglasses, which were a $1 clearance find at Charlotte Russe, so that hardly counts.

So, I'm leaving on a plane tomorrow and I'm not entirely sure where my flight will land.
It's just for spring break, though, no worries. I haven't snapped yet! One day I might though, and that'll be a fun post to write...hehehe.

I've gotten the opportunity to take a trip with my roommates family thanks to a buddy pass they've granted me (their daughter works at the airport), and it's likely our trip will take us out of the United States.


So this upcoming week I may be in and out of the blogging world, although I have a couple posts scheduled to go up in my absence.

Feel free to add me on Snapchat or Instagram (both are: the_dragonfruit) to stay in touch and see what I'm  up to (and where I end up)!

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