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Jeans, Button Down, Shoes: thrifted   Shirt: c/o Romwe   Glasses: c/o Firmoo   Necklace: F21
I'll be honest - these set of photos were taken on a day where I had to choose to be motivated and feel social. I'd woken up crazy early and ran on 4 hours of sleep to get through an opening shift at work, then went straight to class to give a presentation, and then afterwards met up with Malak downtown to do a bit of exploring. However, once I sipped down some coffee, enjoyed good company, and the invigorating energy that's inescapable while walking downtown, I felt revitalized. 
Of course, I crashed later, but sometimes, you just need to sacrifice some sleep.
I mentioned Malak in my previous OOTD post (check it out HERE), so you'd know how ecstatic I am to finally have a fellow social media companion. Something about sharing similar interests that can instantly form a bond with someone. From music taste to coffee to photography, it's fun to click with someone who shares the same passion as you. 

It's also incredibly gratifying to be friends with someone who has a knack for photography! Just check out these photos she took of me - for real girl, thank you!
Sometimes it's not easy to make a mental choice to push through whatever you're currently feeling.
It's tough. This semester I've been feeling less motivated than ever before and have started questioning the value of school. Not all of my classes are specifically related to my major and feel like mandated hoops I need to jump through. The whip is being cracked down as the months fly by, and I long to be free of this cage.

But then it helps to sip down a couple shots of espresso, snap some pretty pictures, and do a few hair flips to shake things off.

In which case, you can expect a lot more hair flips in the future.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.
Ecclesiastes 4:6

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