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Hello everyone!
I'm quite excited to bring this post to you, because guess what? I've finally found a fellow, social media person in my area! While not a blogger per say, Malak has quite the following on Instagram (and if you check out her feed, you'll see why). 

We connected via Instagram when she stumbled across my feed thanks to a hashtag giving away my location as an Idaho blogger. When we realized how close we lived, we planned on meeting up. It ended up taking a few months, but we finally coordinated a coffee date!

While I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who's always supported my blogging (whether it be through helping with photos or putting up with my persistent vlogging and shutter happiness in general), I got to experience what it's like to share a common thinking style and knowledge base with  someone in the exact same boat.

I have never felt so comfortable taking photos in public! Malak is a natural and definitely knows her stuff. We spent a few hours chatting over hot drinks and cute succulents at The District, then wandered downtown and snapped photos for each other.

After so many years of feeling like such an oddball doing this strange and unusual hobby, it was refreshing to meet someone who does the exact same thing! Not to mention she's a total sweetheart and I'm in absolute admiration of her work ethic.

I'm looking forward to our next get-together, which will hopefully be soon! For now, be sure to follow her Instagram (@malakavenue) and let her know I sent you ;)

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