OOTD // Killin It

This shirt is lying, but at least it gives off the bravado of someone who feels confident in what they're doing! And it never hurts to have a little confidence boost, 

This tee (get it HERE) is my latest item from Shein, and I've found another winner! A graphic tee in a black and white palette? You can't possibly go wrong. I styled it with a plaid tied around the waist and my thrifted Adidas sneakers for another sporty-street look. 

You know, it's interesting to see how things change. I asked my friend what she remembers noticing about me when she first met me, and she said: "You wore awesome heeled shoes that no one else had the guts to wear at school."

Now look at me - constantly in sneakers and flat heeled boots. While that transition was necessary (seriously, I walk everywhere here), I miss it at times. I was still in denial last year and hauled tons of unnecessary shoes with me that received zero wear. Finally, I came to the acknowledgement that it wasn't worth it to have dozens of heels and wedges crowding precious space in my apartment. It was time to cut down! While I definitely don't regret that decision there are times I wish I had that beautiful line up of ridiculous yet tantalizing heels on my shelves...

But then I think about how quickly I  can run away and easily kick ass in my sporty shoes and I feel much better!

PS: To those of you who read my last post, thank you so much for your encouragment, love, and prayers - I'm happy to say that it's likely my mom will be discharged from the hospital today!! All I can say is that it's the best birthday present I could ask for.

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