If you're a fan of electro-pop, ambient tunes, take a listen to this week's feature, FEELS!
Occasionally, I'll get an e-mail from musical groups sending me their work to listen to, and while not all hits, I have come across a few artists I end up loving. FEELS is such a group.

FEELS is a Helsinki-based band who have been gaining attention in Finland, especially with their recent, global release of "If You'd Meet Me Tonight."

Personally, I can't stop dancing around to "I Wished for Butterflies"
Which tune do you like best? So far they don't have too much out, but more work will be released in March, so keep an ear out! I have a feeling that they'll slowly start making waves around the world. As if to confirm my sentiments, there's this article from a guy in South Africa that makes for an entertaining read.

The trio's description for their sound?
"Epic, gripping, and toned with northern melancholy."
For fans of: BØRNS, Phantogram 

Check them out!

Happy Monday!

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