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I'm back with another beauty review!
Today let's discuss the Studio Gear Whipped Lip Stains. Because holy-mother-of-gorgeous-lip-products. They did damn good with this one.
Let's review the claims:
Deliciously whipped, lightweight and supple, with a powerful dose of stay-all-day pigment. This luscious one coat gloss slowly melts into your lips to a gorgeous, just-bitten stain, so you’ll never be caught naked…

All five stand-out shades are formulated to be perfectly balanced and suited for all skin tones while keeping lips soft and moisturized.

1. True Burgundy //

What a color to start off with! I swiped this on and if you saw my vlog involving it (see HERE) you'd see my initial reaction. These babies are not to be trifled with, that's for sure! Strong, glossy pigmentation means you do not want to mess up your lining skills.
However, once applied, its a gorgeous, deep burgundy hue that I actually prefer over the typical bright red lip.

2. True Pebble //

Truth? I've been wearing this lip stain almost daily since receiving it. It is the perfect everyday color. Since I tend to do my eyes up more dramatically, this has been the perfect complementary shade for my winged liner and experimental eye shadow.

3. True Fuchsia //
Holy. Bright.
Much like their True Pink Lipstick, this lip stain is Nicki Minaj pink - AKA: super bright.
But you know what? I kinda like, a lot.

4. True Wine //
This smoky, plum hue is delightful! I've developed a love for darker lipsticks over the winter and that's carrying on through the coming spring more than likely! I popped this color on for a day of running errands and doing a little shopping and I got compliments from quite a few people.

5. True Red // 
I don't know what to say about this color other than: TAYLOR. SWIFT.
She probably uses this. It's bright. It's classy. It's a super pigmented red.
 As far as staying power, I was impressed by how they faded nicely throughout the day. Be warned though - when first applied, be sure to give a tissue a smack or two to let the stain settle in faster. Otherwise your gorgeous lips will be slipping and sliding!
So far I've been reaching for True Pebble nonstop. It really is the perfect color and I love that it only takes one application and you're set. The rest of the day, just keep some chapstick on you because as it fades, it tends to dry out the lips a bit. However, it does stain your lips nice and evenly!

If you're interested in trying one or two of these (or any other Studio Gear products!), be sure to use the code "Dragonfruit" at checkout to get 10% off!

What do you think? Have you ever tried a lipstain? What was your experience?

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