Winter Wishlist with Shein

1. Khaki Color Block Coat // 2. Turtleneck Tassel Poncho // 3. Red Chunky Knit Sweater
 Okay, what winter wishlist would be complete without outerwear/sweater pieces?
Behold! Gorgeous pieces that'll inspire you to semi-like winter (solely for the ability to wear such clothing item comfortably of course, nothing else)! These are some of my favorites, because can you not see yourself waltzing about the city in these feeling all stylish and pretty? Seriously, that poncho in the middle needs to make its way into my closet ASAP...
1. Letter Print Hat  // 2. Grey Lace Up Hat  // 3. Grey Knit Patch Beanie 
Winter fashion wouldn't be complete without the cozy, stylish touch of a good hat! 
Shein has several different options to choose from, but these three are some of my favorites. I just know you've seen one of your favorite bloggers wearing a floppy grey hat at some point. It's inevitable! 

1. Mountain Necklace // 2. Geometric Earrings // 3. Eye Necklace
Next up, quirky jewelry! I was enamored by these designs. The mountain necklace especially is luring me in, as I have an affinity for backpacking and going on hikes - and there's no better place to do that than in the very mountains I live near! 

1. Black Point Toe Boots // 2. Wine Red Boots // 3. Black Bow Heels
Finally, shoes. These are my Achille's heels when it comes to maintaining a minimal wardrobe. They're all just pretty! The subtle differences in black boots is not to be overlooked and each one can make or break an outfit. Seriously.

For instance, the black boots in this collage? They're a dream pair to me. That minimal edge is just beautiful! The patent finish, the pointy toe, the chunky, practical heel...ugh, it's everything I want in a shoe! The other two are fave picks as well, but man...those black boots...

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