TUESDAY TUNES // Lewis Del Mar

(Okay, since we skipped Music Monday in favor of an OOTD post, I figured I'd make it up to you with a "Tuesday Tunes" instead)

The opening line of Loud(y) began, and a man's voice sang:"Can you please sit the fuck down" into my ears, and I made a face.
But it worked, because Lewis Del Mar grabbed my interest by making such a bold statement to start off a song. And it truly is worth sitting down to not only listen to the music, but the words (a rare and amazing combination!).

I've never explained my opinions on cursing here, but I think it's fairly obvious that I don't discriminate based on the words you use. However, I do form opinions based on how you use words. Is it used in anger? To attack someone? Are they being used to build up or tear down? That is the basis for my opinions on language. But perhaps that's for another post another time.

Lewis Del Mar is a pretty new group made up of two guys from Rockaway Beach, NY. With a sound comparable to alt-J, I just know that Danny Miller and Max Harwood are going to blow up soon. So let their music do the talking for them and take a listen!

I am seriously obsessed with their music and can't get enough. Hopefully they'll be releasing a full album sometime this year!

What do you think? 

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