REVIEW // Covergirl's Plumpify ProBlast Mascara + Oh Sugar! Lip Balm

Plumpify ProBlast Mascara: 4.5/5 stars
I'm always leery of a mascara that claims to drastically alter my lashes in volume. Because you know what that means? It's a one-way ticket to spiderlash town. 

I tested this in my Everyday Makeup Tutorial, and I'm pleased to say no such effect occurred. The bristles on the brush are very effective at grabbing on to my individual lashes and distributing the product evenly onto them. Even after several coats, there was no clumping. 

As a previous devoted user of the Covergirl Lashblast mascara in my high school days, this mascara reminds me of that. It's a great quality mascara to add to your roundup! And for a drugstore price, why not? 

The only reason I'm docking it half a star is because the lofty claims of "50x volume boost!" is a bit far fetched...but I mean, what makeup advertisement isn't? Like I KNOW that's not just this mascara on Katy Perry's eyes, don't try and lie to me!

Oh Sugar! Lip Balm: 5/5 stars
This is a nice switch up from my accumulating bullets of bold lipsticks. While I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for dark, bold pigmented lipsticks, there are many days where I can't be bothered. For those, the new line of Oh Sugar! lip balms from Covergirl are a great option. I received the color "Sprinkle" from Influenster to test out, and it's a nice cherry-hued pink.

Typically, I go for darker, neutral toned lip colors, so this was a good way to switch up my go-to shade. Considering it's a lip balm, the pigmentation is still pretty good. It's a nice wash of color to add for a simple day-to-day look. Not to mention it's super moisturizing! It has grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and Vitamins E & C to give it it's super soft application.

While these products were sent to me to test by Influenster, the opinion on them is all my own. 

What do you think? Would you give these products a try? 
I want to try other shades from the Oh Sugar! line now.

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