OOTD // Eat Street

Jacket: c/o Boylymia
Sweats: H&M   Sweater: c/o CN Direct   Sneakers: thrifted
The growing legacy of Linda's street style continues in front of the blank gas station wall!
I hope everyone's New Years Eve went well and no matter how you celebrated (or perhaps you were ringing in the midnight hour with some enviable sleep), I hope it was wonderful.

Today, I'm kicking off my first OOTD post for 2016 by sharing this amazingly quirky baseball jacket from Boylymia. If you're squinting at the words on the back and wondering "Does that say what I think it says?" don't question yourself - you are seeing correctly. 
Mona Lisa EAT Shakespeare.
Yup. Makes total sense, doesn't it?

What I know makes sense is the word "eat" stamped on the pocket. Don't have to tell me twice to do that! This jacket overall is pretty great to toss on, although it is a fairly slim fit, so it won't be good for layering over bulky clothes. I expect to find more wear for it once spring weather arrives!

However, for a day of posing against walls and pretending to be cool, it works. 

PS: How AMAZING is it that I thrifted these sneakers?? If you remember the Adidas Stan Smith craze that occured over the summer, you'll probably recognize these. While not the exact same name stamped on them, they're basically the same style of shoe! Thrifting a pair of shoes that were originally $50+ for $12? This is why I go thrifting!

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