His voice caught my attention right away, and I cranked up the volume in my earbuds. I'd been listlessly walking to class, a new mix playing on my Spotify account. Nothing had caught my attention, but when "Crossfire" cued up, I had to consciously take note of who was singing.
(also, now that I've looked him up, can we just admire those manly brows, luscious locks, and swoon over that scruffy face? *develops new crush*)

Stephen (also known as Stephen Swartz) has a pleasant voice that was beautifully amplified and deepened by the intense track of "Crossfire." I had to find more by him, and I'm sharing what I was able to dig up in  today's post. Also, his cover of Adele's "Hello"? OMG, it's a completely new song! Take a listen and let me know what you think!

What do you think of today's Music Monday pick?

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