BEAUTY // Studio Gear True Lipstick Review

Let's jump right into this review, shall we?
I was sent these lipsticks by Studio Gear to test, so let's see how they do! These are their lofty claims, and I'm curious to see how well they hold up to such a statement:
"Ultra Matte, velvety soft, pigment-rich colors that wear long and stay true.  Six statement shades are perfectly balanced to flatter all skin tones. Luxe matte formula stays put, and feels pillowy soft . Minimal color transfer or need to reapply for totally confident wear."

The Colors:
1. True Nude

2. True Mauve

3. True Pink

4. True Magenta

5. True Red

6. True Plum

I'm truly amazed by the velvety matte combination. My lips never felt dried out by these lipsticks at all! I'd say the texture is comparable to the NARS lip crayon. While not perfectly matte (I had lipstick stains trailing around my coffee mugs rims), the color is fairly long lasting and needs minimal touch ups. I do recommend using a lip scrub beforehand, as you should with any matte lipsticks. The color tends to sink into your lips, and if they're dried out and cracked, it's not a pretty sight. Unlike creamy lipsticks, it didn't slide out of place once! Not to mention, even when the color does fade, it doesn't do so in a way where it's patchy and looks awful. It's actually quite even and natural looking! With my type of days (running between school, work, and hanging out with friends), that's exactly the type of lip product I need if I want to wear lipstick!
Overall Rating:
All in all, I'd say these lipsticks are deserving of a 10/10 rating.
My all time favorite shades would have to be True Mauve, Nude, and Plum. I've been wearing those quite often since receiving this set and I love what they do for my everyday looks. True Mauve especially is such a beautiful soft feminine color that I love popping on when I'm wearing my typical sporty-lazy outfits.

These are definitely worth the price! And if you're curious to give these lipsticks a try, but are leery of the high end price, I've got a little bonus to share with you. 

I hope you enjoyed today's beauty review (and the inclusion of all those GIF's hehe) and let me know what you think in the comments below! I'd love to hear what some of your favorite lip products are as well. 

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