OOTD // Coco Streetstyle

Hoodie: c/o CN Direct   Snapback: c/o CN Direct   Leggings & Sneakers: thrifted
Oh hello, do I look like a hip hop dancer to you?
I certainly feel like it lately - between a never ending shuffle of hoodies, sneakers, and varying baseball caps and beanies, I've developed a certain aesthetic that leans toward dancer-streetstyle.

What made it all the more ironic was that while taking these photos, it was raining - which naturally made me think about Step Up 2!

CN Direct has helped out my new hip-hop tendencies by supplying me this hoodie and floral snapback to review. 

I'm digging the hoodie, as it references Coco Chanel and has a very simple yet pleasant style. I'm already reaching for this piece to toss over all my outfits! Not only that, but it's actually pretty warm - there's a light lining inside that makes this especially soft and cozy. Definitely one of the winning pieces from CN Direct!

Next up, this snapback. 
Now, I love the print of it and color scheme. However, it comes to a slightly awkward point at the front that I'm not really in love with. Overall, it's a great cap and is adjustable (thank goodness, since I have a ginormous head), but I'm not sure if this will be at the forefront of my current hat rotation.

What do you think of today's look? Would you pair leather leggings and hoodies together?
I'm starting to think this combo may become one of my uniforms...


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Really cool outfit Linda. I love that hoodie! I would definitely pair leggings and a hoodie together.

Pam Scalfi said...

ive just purchased a pair of leather pants and I LOVE it! this look is cool :D
Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Ali Hval said...

HECK YES! Mix ALL the things! I really love the floral snapback. You've been quite fond of hats recently, haven't you, Miss Linda? :D I'm glad you're so into trying all sorts of new things and combinations. It's something I tell myself I need to do but definitely don't do enough. Ah, soon enough! ;)

You look gorgeous as always. Hope you have an amazing Christmas Eve if we don't speak again, and a wonderful holiday! <33 LOVE YOUUUUUU.

Unknown said...

Whenever I am in the cozy feeling mood-I will usually channel the hip-hop vibe with joggers, loose crop tops, and beanies! Your look is super cute-I love the floral addition to your look with the hat. :)
Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

katie said...

Ugh, you pull off street style SO well! I look at your outfits and then I end up in front of the mirror thinking "what this outfit needs is some sick wedge sneakers!" (Never mind that they are super outdated by now and not even remotely my style, you just always make stuff work so well.) And everyone is right, that cap is crazy cute on you.

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