BOOK REVIEW // Wicked Women of the Bible

 Okay, who clicked over here prepared to be mad?
I know when I first saw this title pop up as one of the selections available, I was expecting some misogynistic "Eve's the reason man fell into sin!" crap.

Trust me, as a woman who's a devoted Christian, it can seem contradictory to many conservatives that I also identify as a feminist. 
So naturally, I just had to read this book. 
First off, the word "wicked" is used in two ways throughout this book. 
1) "evil or morally wrong"
2) "cool, good, great, funky "

And those are exactly the two type of women this book talks about. 

From Eve to Jezebel to Hannah, this book recaps each woman's story in the Bible in a way that sucks you in. Much like certain writing styles are absorbing, Ann has a storyteller method to her tales that makes you rethink the situation and puts you right into each woman's shoes in a more personable way. A lot of these stories I grew up hearing since I was little, but revisiting them now and being able to empathize with a lot of their situations more, it brings a whole new meaning to these tales from the Bible. 

My favorite part about this book is how after every story, there is a "The Times" section, which breaks down the historical period that each woman was living in. This really helps cast perspective on the situations and events that take place, and a key ingredient I personally find is often skimped on or missed altogether. Without an intellectual understanding as well, how can we possibly have a full grasp on the Bible?
Overall, I found this to be another insightful book to add to my growing library, and appreciated the direction it gave me in my own personal devotions.

So cheers to being a "wicked' woman! ;)


Pam Scalfi said...

how cool! I must get this book now, from the title i would not have paid much attention to it so thanks for sharing!
Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That is so cool! I often heard stories about various women in the bible, but I bet this goes in depth. Would love to read this!

katie said...

I read this post a little while back and then picked up the book when I was at Barnes and Noble last week - it's really a fun and interesting read so far! There's a lot of really interesting women in the bible but most of the books I've read around them are uuugh. (Like The Red Tent - I know it as fiction but it just wasn't very enjoyable to read and I usually prefer non-fiction when it comes to these sort of books.) Thanks for the recommendation, I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise!

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