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I can't believe I haven't talked about this band yet, but I'm sure with one listen to "Suicide Saturday", you'll either quickly recognize them or fall in love with them. They're an incredibly young and talented band that formed in 2013 and the members have all just graduated high school in the past couple years. They're from Minnesota and are starting to garner attention. Take a listen to find out why:

Hope your Monday is going well and you're recovering from you weekends alright! Based on the commotion and late night/early morning sounds from my upstairs neighbors, I don't envy what their Sunday must've felt like. Haha! 

Cheers to a good week!

PS: Is anyone else having a difficult time grasping that we're officially entering November? 0_o


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I'm totally have difficulty grasping the fact that we're in November AND daylight savings has passed AND we're nearing holiday season all over again! Time moves!
Great music. Thanks for sharing!

Midwest Muse said...

Seriously glad for all of these recommendations!

Kati said...

You so often present bands that are totally new to me, thanks for sharing!


Jen Hsieh said...

I'm going to play them on repeat at work today. Seriously, you always kill it with music suggestions.


Unknown said...

i have never heard of this band but their music is really nice. Thanks for introducing me to them!

Rae of Love from Berlin
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BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

I enjoyed this post a lot. Great job!


noone said...

I can't believe it's November already!! and I heard this band a few weeks back love their tracks, awesome you are featuring them today!

Unknown said...

How is it November already?! How?! Also it's crazy how talented those guys are considering how young they are. I really like the suicide Saturday song! Thanks for the rec :)


Unknown said...

Omg. Love the band! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a fan now. And dude, yes, I can't believe it's November already! It was just May a few weeks ago. xoxo


Anna said...

You have such a great blog going here :) Super well put together and has a very indie feel indeed! Thanks for sharing this!

Anna xx

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