3 Ways to Instantly Add Color to Any Space

If you're anything like me, you love making your space your own. You've got a Pinterest board somewhere dedicated to room decor and you can spend hours pinning inspiration. For today's post, I'm sharing some room decor inspiration from Zillow! I decided to let Miriam take over for the day and share some insight on how to add color to your space - because Lord knows if I was in charge of things, it'd all be black and white, and that can get old.

So continue on for some room decor inspiration and let me know what you think! I definitely am planning on hitting up thrift stores this weekend and keep an eye out for colorful furniture pieces. Nothing like a vintage, fun, print chair or something to liven up a space!
A life without color would be dull, boring and lifeless. Although renting a home or apartment comes with decor restrictions, with a little creativity, and basic decorating skills, any tenant can bring color and personality to even the barest of spaces.
Here are three ways to instantly add color to your home.

1) Create colorful backdrops

Create unique accent walls with removable wallpaper, colorful decals or tapestries. With removable wallpaper, you have the ability to transport yourself into new territories without having to purchase a plane ticket or pick up a paintbrush. Lay against the Manhattan skyline or pretend you're sitting outside a French café. When playing around with colorful decals, add stripes, geometric patterns or florals to door frames and closets for an element of surprise without overloading a small space with patterns. If you're not keen on removable wallpaper or decals, hang a tapestry to hide the wear and tear from previous tenants, while bringing personality into your space.

2) Add vibrant furniture

Liven up a room with colorful furniture. If you're aiming to create a contemporary living space, place a red couch against a white wall to spice it up. If you're feeling extra daring, play around with different textures, prints and patterns. Sew your own vibrant seat cushions, paint chair legs or re-stain an old table to create a rustic, chic look. Adding eye-catching furniture doesn't have to be a strenuous or costly task. Simple additions like painting the front drawers on a side table can make all the difference.

3) Accessorize neutrals

Revitalize plain household items with colorful accessories. In the bathroom, bring neutrals to life with lavender-colored towels, complement hardwood flooring with an eclectic rug or add a potted plant for earthy accents. In the bedroom, accessorize with an upholstered headboard, swap out white blinds for colorful cloth curtains or add a statement mirror for playful, reflective décor. If you're unsure which colors complement each other, start by pulling accent colors from existing patterns and prints and then incorporate them into your new accessories.
Instead of shying away from standard, bare rental units, think of them as blank canvases. If you're new to adding color, take baby steps when dipping into the color pool. Adding a citrus-colored lamp shade or colorful couch are great initial strides in incorporating color. For more color inspiration, check out Zillow Digs®.
By Miriam Bornstein


Pam Scalfi said...

these are great tips! Im definitely adding a bit of colour for fall, gold and silver :p

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Mica said...

These are good tips, especially the one about accessorising! :)

We're in the middle of house hunting and selling and one of the tips an agent gave us for selling out place was accessorising - it really does make a difference (in the thousands of dollar range!!!) when you have a bit of a 'theme' colourwise.

Away From The Blue Blog

Unknown said...

I know absolutely nothing about interior design so whatever I try to decorate turns into a cluster f*ck lol. So thanks to Miriam for the tips!


Jen Hsieh said...

I'm definitely more of the accessorize neutrals kind of person since I'm so afraid of color sometimes, haha. We went shopping with Jeremy's dad at Ikea once and he kept making fun of my need to have everything in whites and neutrals. Haters gonna hate, na'mean?


A Very Sweet Blog said...

That blue sofa is so pretty!

katie said...

Home decorating is so much fun, I spend way too much time in the lighting aisle at Home Depot. I like a lot of your suggestions, it's nice to see some different voices for home décor aside from the Kindfolk and the Stark White/Fake Scandinavian look - we rented and couldn't paint our white walls for years so I sorta went nuts when we bought our own place. I found the most beautiful shade of yellow and we have some really lovely, warm lights to keep everything cozy during the winter. (although I just realized half of our walls are white, so I've gotta change that, maybe I'll paint them a soft gray? That'd look cute with yellow!)
The blue with the white though, that's gorgeous!

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