MUSIC MONDAY // Purity Ring

I can't believe I never did a Music Monday post on this duo, but what better time to talk about them than after I've seen them in concert?

Purity Ring came into Boise on Friday night, and it was a night to remember!
For one thing, they had to stop the show halfway through their second song because some crazy tried  jumping the barrier. I'd managed to keep my spot right near the front and had an amazing view the whole night. However, I do recall a young woman heavily pushing her way past me and the first row of people, and suddenly a wave of motion rippled out from the center, shoving over everyone as it expanded. A commotion from that area drew everyone's attention, and I saw the security guard dragging someone out of the front row and hauling the girl I'd seen earlier outside. She seemed really out of it and bewildered, and I wouldn't be surprised if drugs were involved.

Anyway, Purity Ring halted mid-lyrics and Megan hesitantly said into the microphone: "Um, I'm sorry, but I just want to make sure everything's alright..."
They then exited the stage until the issue was resolve before returning to finish out the night in the most fabulous way.

The Knitting Factory was PACKED that night, and I'm lucky I got such a great spot in the front. If you follow me on Snapchat (the_dragonfruit), you could see from my snaps just how crowded it got.
Also, after watching their show, I want nothing more than to invest in hundreds of light strands so I can dance in their magical glow every night...

So listen to Purity Ring, and hope they help you get through your Monday! 

*EDIT: I was back for another concert Sunday night and talked to a security guard about the incident that occurred, and he informed me the guy who had made that call to drag the girl out of the crowd had been fired. Yikes! 


Midwest Muse said...

AH! Seriously love these posts!

Sybil said...

saw pictures of this on your IG, soo amazing! :D

Have a great week!
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Alexandra Zakharova said...

It's really great, seems it was a truly awesome live performance! I didn't know about this band, but I'm definitely going to check them out.

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing, hun!


Ali Hval said...

Ugh yes, weren't they amazing live?! I don't see many concerts but man, I love when I'm able to. They were absolutely astounding and those LIGHTS! And those CRYSTAL DRUMS! All sorts of love, man. I'm glad you had the best time ever! <33

Keit said...

Wow, so much drama for a concert :D Not much of a fan for such type of music, but damn gotta admit these guys are good! Glad you had such an intense experience!
Oh, did I mention that I love your new blog layout? The fruit is kinda awesome and radical and cuuute!

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