Don't Be Basic: 4 Fall Coffee Drinks to Try Besides the PSL

I was super excited to make this video, so I just have to share it with you!

A while ago I did a couple posts entitled The Bitchy Barista, and I've always wanted to kickstart that topic again. I absolutely love coffee, and working with it has been a dream come true. There's nothing more satisfying than recommending a drink and a customer loving it. 

So I decided to make a video on it! What with fall finally making it's appearance (we're having rainy, crisp days now! Yay!), it's coffee weather. 

I get that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are a thing for fall, but I'd like to remind you that pumpkin sauce can be used in multiple ways. Check out my video to get ideas on what else you can order next time you go out for a cup of coffee! 

Much love,


Pam Scalfi said...

haha love the background! And even though im not a latte fan these actually look really good! I need a breve asap! Holiday weight here I come!

Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

I totally enjoyed this post! Happy Wednesday dear! :)


Instant Milk said...

I am not a coffee drinker but I love that you made a video! Very creative:)!


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Linda, I'm so glad you presented other options. PSL's are just too sweet for me. Will definitely try these and I love the leaves you used in your background. So cool!

Elizabeth said...

PSLs are sooooo sweet so I never order them anymore. I'm going to try your drinks though. :)

Toks said...

These sound great and I love to try new ideas in coffee. Let's see if they can make them here just as good hahaha. Great post Linda. xoxoxo

Sandra Leiva said...

Great! I love coffee, so thanks for sharing, hun :-)))


Sampada said...

Thank you for this video! It's great! I'm not particularly a fan of pumpkin flavored anything but I really like the honey cinnamon breve and butterbeer latte ideas!

Mica said...

It's funny, pumpkin spice lattes are so big in the US but I don't think our Starbucks has them here at all! It's much to warm for hot drinks now anyway I guess, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Abby said...

i love americano and how strong it is! it gives the kick to my day everytime!


Unknown said...

I love your blog!!! This post is amazing!!! great pictures!!!
Would you like to follow each other??Follow me and I follow you!!
let me know on my blog...

Kati said...

That background is fantastic! It's nice to get recommendations from someone who knows that they are talking about!

Have a great day,

Lily Fang said...

I love the insider's take on fall drinks! Your leaf background is absolutely lovely, and the shots of making coffee look so rhythmic and relaxing. My favorite part is how candid you are. While I'm not a huge fan of coffee (I know, I know--I'm crazy!), I definitely learned a lot and can't wait to make suggestions to friends if they need them :)

imperfect idealist

katie said...

Look at you with a 90's tattoo chocker! (and you look so cute with it, the 90s thing really suits you.) I love your recommendations, I always get the same thing when I go to coffee shops, a Hazelnut Steamer, but I will have to be brave and try something new. I tried the PSL only once and didn't really care for the taste so some of these seem like they'll be a little more up my alley. I really enjoyed your BB series, I finally know which size is which thanks to you! :)

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